What We Do

Is your cat or dog suffering from allergies, chronic ear infections, scratching hot-spots, gnawing on their paws, bad teeth, bad-breathe or bad-gas, digestive issues, diabetic or overweight? If so... come see us.

Our primary purpose @ Canine Affinity is the health, nutrition & well being of as many pets as we can possibly reach. We believe dogs & cats deserve to thrive on real foods (without antibiotics and hormone free, grass fed protein sources, organic fruits/vegetables, and 100% free of grains) - the way nature intended. We tend to forget that both cats and dogs are carnivores, designed by nature to thrive on whole prey and possessing a biological need for a diet rich and varied in fresh meats, with lower amounts of biologically appropriate fruits, vegetables, grasses and botanical blends. Our goal is to ensure your pets are getting the absolute best food possible. This happens through the quality of products we carry, our careful process of selection and our commitment to product variation (Raw, Freeze-dried, Dehydrated, Canned, and Dry).
The concept is simple... by feeding Biologically Appropriate foods such as: fresh whole foods that nature intended cats and dogs to eat, and exclude ingredients like grains that your dog and cat is not evolved to eat, your pets will truly thrive! High-protein, low-carbohydrate and Grain-FREE, diets with fresh ingredients in a balanced ratio of meat w/fruit and vegetables. The foods we choose to carry match the evolutionary diets of dogs and cats and promote their peak physical well-being. Additionally, we're also committed to making our community and planet a better place by only using high density degradable bags and soon to come, reusable totes.

We-Wash & U-Wash Services

Our wash services are offered @ the Schererville location only.

Our Wash Facility

Our customers will all tell you the same, "It’s so much better than the bathtub!" With Canine Affinity's washing facility, you can save money by using the U-Wash service or save time & effort by scheduling a We-Wash service (where we do the work for you). Clean and convenient facility stocked with quality shampoos, conditioners, air dryers, clean towels & more. No messy bathrooms to clean up after giving your smelly pups a bath.
The hands-on experience of bathing a dog strengthens the bond between pet and owner. By doing so, we can also detect new problems that may arise on the animal’s skin, body, or structure that may have gone unnoticed or untreated otherwise.
Call us today @ 219-440-7138 & schedule a We-Wash with our Wash Specialist or to check availability of our wash facility for a U-Wash.

We-Wash® Service

Perhaps your dog or cat loves lookin' good... or maybe they fight you tooth & nail when you attempt to bath them at home?! Our We-Wash service @ C.A. - offers a complete wash and wellness check w/minimal grooming if needed, for your dogs & cats. We guarantee your furry family members will be pampered. Our staff create an easy-going, playful experience that includes;

  • • Full bath & face wash.
  • • Complete ear cleaning.
  • • Nail trim & anal expression (*if needed).
  • • Towel or blow dry w/brush out.
  • • Fresh dog/cat scent.
  • Be assured we only use pet & earth friendly products... such as our private label water or oil-based shampoos and conditioners (ask about them at either location).

U-Wash® Service

With our U-Wash service... you wash'em!
Canine Affinity® offers unique and hassle free options for bathing your dog. Our clean, friendly atmosphere and professional - easy to use equipment is a formula for making tails wag and coats shine. We provides you with a unique do-it-yourself dog wash created to take the hassle out of washing your dog and put some fun back into it. We provide you with everything you need to bath your dirty, stinky pups.

  • • Hydraulic lift tub.
  • • Waterproof aprons.
  • • Brushes & combs. (sterilized after every wash)
  • • Oil-based & water-based shampoos.
  • • Blueberry facial & conditioners.
  • • Nail clippers.
  • • Towels and dryer.
(*Both the U-Wash & We-Wash services are only available at our Schererville, IN location.)

Training with Adrian

If your dog isn't coming to you... you should be coming to us.

Our Training Mission
NW Indiana shelters along with others throughout the United States are sadly over-crowded with pets. In the majority of these cases, dogs are turned-over to the shelter by their owners because of behavioral issues. We have always stressed that if the owner seeks for or attends proper training for themselves and their dog, these pets would still have a loving home. Before you adopt or buy a pet, please do a little research on the breed... as well as, the breeder. Ask questions about their personality traits. There may also be medical, grooming and nutritional needs that may grow as the dog matures. Here are a few examples; Cocker Spaniels are prone to chronic ear infections and need monthly grooming. Terriers are very active and tend to dig and chew. Retrievers are bred to hunt and need lots of exercise. The toy breeds can be nervous and nippy. Please take the time to research and discuss with your breeder or call us for information on breed traits. I am dedicated to help dog owners realize how a well mannered pet can enrich their lives and the lives of their family.
Canine Behaviorist - Adrian Moreno holds a Bachelors in Clinical Psychology and has extensive studies in animal behavior. He has over 20 years of field experience in both training and international competition. He is an accomplished Police Service K9 trainer as well as an instructor for various dog-sport disciplines. He is known for his results that are based on natural methods that produce Respect, Love & Trust within the 'Pack Hierarchy'. Regardless of your dogs issues, he can find a solution that is effective, humane, and right for your family friend. The sessions are one-on-one, and focus on your specific needs.
Adrian offer FREE temperament and training evaluations... so call today @ 847-791-7749 or visit any of our locations.